New season, new website

Posted on in Site Updates

Welcome back for the Winter 2020-21 Season after what can only be described as a most extraordinary year!

We took the opportunity to spend the downtime working on improving the UK Snow Updates website from the ground up. It was not an easy undertaking and we still have a little bit more work to do before our first release is ready for release. We have made changes to our branding, we've redesigned the website, we've introduced some new features and we've been preparing for the first snowfall.

The first things you'll notice are the redesign of the website and our new branding. We have really worked hard to ensure that the website works as we intended not only on desktop, but also on mobile and tablet devices. Some of the changes we have made relied upon newer technology to be adapted by browsers and in order to push this, we have completely dropped support for Internet Explorer. If you are using Internet Explorer, we recommend using an alternative browser and keeping it updated.

That's not all though. We've thoroughly worked through the website to ensure that our page is accessible to users by adjusting the colour contrasts and using web standards that allow screenreaders to navigate as well. In addition, we've worked hard at fine tuning the speed of the website so that it loads as fast as possible. We have still got a bit more work to do to squeeze out those extra milliseconds.

We're also very pleased to introduce our Snow Tracker feature. The Snow Tracker tracks a number of weather stations across the UK and when snowfall is detected, displays the location along with the amount of snowfall that has fallen in the last hour. We are constantly looking to increase the number of stations that we monitor - it is very much a live beta test this season - and we may make changes depending upon feedback.

Please explore the website and let us know of any feedback that you have. We will be adding more to it over time and the website is updated before any of our social media pages.