About Us

UK Snow Updates was started in the winter of 2008-2009 - as a result of there being no single place to find out information about snow disruption. In those times the only way to reliably check information was to either look through the news live coverage (which tended to focus mainly on the effects in the south of the country) or to search for that information on various different websites.

The point of UK Snow Updates was initially as an aggregator of information. Over time the scope has widened and it now covers more information than it did over ten years ago. This was possible due to better communication by relevant authorities as well as the development of internal tools that allowed us to monitor information.

Initially starting off as a blog on a subdomain, updates were provided somewhat sporadically throughout the winter period. It soon became apparent that a blog was not an effective way to communicate such a huge amount of information.

The following winter, we decided on our name and created our Twitter account. As the years have passed, UK Snow Updates has developed a reputation for providing information that is informative, rational, and useful for followers wanting to be prepared.