Snow Tracker Performance Update

Posted on in Site Updates

We've implemented a big performance update to the Snow Tracker today.

Prior to the update the Snow Tracker was taking a number of seconds to load, due to a number of computationally expensive database queries. Specifically the issue was identified with the history section, which allows you to check the reports over the last 24 hours. Every time somebody checked the Tracker, it would send a number of queries per user to the database. This had the potential to cause issues on busy snow days.

To fix this we have implemented a caching system that will update every five minutes, and this has resulted in a dramatic increase in performance. It also means that we're not having the database queried multiple times per user. During the refactoring of the code, we have taken the opportunity to fix some low-priority bugs.

As ever, we continue to work on and optimise the website and monitor the performance. We appreciate all those users who allow us to monitor their analytics so that we can ensure the website is working as intended.